Georgia Reid

Noelita Lawrence-Ricketts

Great lover of the outdoors, she can be sophisticated, strikingly elegant and almost always flashing a gorgeous look, that’s just some of the characteristics of the much liked Georgia Ulanda Reid, a talented netballer, but equally an adored educator, respected and loved by her students.
The fun loving, outgoing sports fanatic, a teacher at the famed Montego Bay High School for Girls, located on Union Street in Montego Bay, St. James, is a lifetime resident of the quiet and close-nitted community of Belmont in the parish of St. James.
Always displaying a broad smile, and an eloquent and fluent speaker of the English Language, Georgia, a ‘fashionista’ told the Western Mirror in her sit-down that she has four siblings and is the (wash-belly) last child for both her parents (father and mother).
Georgia, who says from her early days she wanted to become a teacher, remembers her high school education at MoBay High, a place she has since returned to earn her livelihood, before matriculating to G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sports.
She also did time at the local teachers’ college in Montego Bay, Sam Sharp Teachers’ College.
The young woman with a baby face who dreams of one day travelling to the European country of Italy, however noted that if things did not work out for her in the teaching field, being a firefighter would have been her next target
A true lover of sports and one who is very energetic, Georgia has represented clubs like Pacesetters Youth Club, St. James Teachers as well as Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club.

Georgia teaches Physical Education at school, but says she would love to one day teach History.
She bemoans the death of her father back in 2014 as the lowest point of her life as he was her everything… no topic was off limits with him. His greatest wish was to see me in the classroom, but he died just 2 months before I got my first teaching job.
A lover of politics, Georgia who cannot swim or ride a bicycle says her biggest accomplishment is being able to assist the elderly during the ongoing pandemic and see the gratitude in their eyes. Now, age 30, Georgia born January 25, 1991, harbours desires of one day becoming a reputable business woman,but revealed to the Western Mirror that while teaching is great for now, she one day in the very near future want to become a Lecturer. (Me already always a sell something, anything I can get my hands on). In a shocking declaration, Georgia says she is a strong believe in the power of prayer, and as such the exceptional netballer, capable of playing anywhere on the court, says she finds time out of everyday to pray, not only for herself, but for family and friends.
Wanting to retire from a daily job at a comfortable age, she says she always tries her utmost to create as many business ventures as possible. However she thinks an online store is the best option for the near future, guided by a good and strong work ethic and favour from God
A true leader and one who is caring towards her students, Georgia gave an insight into her life on a whole saying “I absolutely love the outdoors; I believe nature can teach us so many things believe’
Georgia who is a giver, says she places high value on relationships, whether friendship, business or romantic.

Ques: What is your favorite quote?
Ans: Simple but never basic
Ques: Which English Premier League team do you support?
Ans: Chelsea, I love that team
Ques: Which international player do you love to see on the field?
Ans: Lionel Messi
Ques: Do you watch or even play any other sport than netball?
Ans: Yes, of course, I’m a sports girl…I watch cricket, basketball and football. Love them all but you know my first love
Ques: Who is your person to talk sports with?
Ans: Must Miss Gina Haughton, she has years of experience, been around along time and understands almost all sports and can always give an insight. However, in recent times I also talk a lot to Dr. Garth Sommerville as he too is passionate and knowledgeable about sports especially netball.
Ques: How tall are you?
Ans: I stand at a whopping 5’ 4”
Ques: Georgia, who is your motivator?
Ans: Definitely my parents, they are always there for me, guiding me and motivating me, supporting all that I do
Ques: What is your meal of choice?
Ans: Steam fish, very spicy, no okra
Ques: What is your color of choice?
Ans: Blue, I love blue, all shades of it
Ques: What’s the favorite book you’ve ever read?
Ans: The Politics of Change by Michael Manley
Ques: Who is your most watched local player?
Ans: Tracy Reid
Ques: Do you have a best friend?
Ans: Well, not really wanting to single out any one person, as that could get me into serious trouble (smiling) but, I really have a group of true friends, a very solid circle who I cherish dearly. Cont’d on Page 23
Ques: Who would you say is your favorite local netball official?
Ans: Definitely Omroy Kerr and Clint Parkins, they are men operating at a standout level in a woman dominated sports, but they are always very accurate with their calls. They both have excellent knowledge and know the rules of the game inside out, at an international level to be specific. When they are on the side lines almost no infringement go undetected.
Suzette Virgo is also one I like to watch, she is firm and knows how to take control
Ques: what has been your most memorable match to date?
Ans: Participation in my first ever senior league finals, I was named MVP and thought it was well deserved as I played superbly in the game.I can vividly remember the encounter as if it was yesterday.
Ques: How long have you been playing netball?
Ans: Since age 6, so that would span some 18 years now
Ques: What’s the most used app on your phone?
Ans: Instagram
Ques: What’s your preferred venue to play?
Ans: Montego Bay Cricket Club, the atmosphere there is unmatched
Ques; How would you say Covid-19 has impacted your life both physically, mentally as well as personally and professionally?
Ans: It has been a really set back, for me personally I miss playing competitively and traveling and i absolutely miss going to sporting events, those were all hallmarks of my existence
Ques:What’s your preferred mode of dress?
Ans: When necessary I can flash unique styles, but occasionally i love to be in tight skin fitted jeans and t-shirt.
Ques: What’s your drink of choice?
Ans: Ice-cold pepsi
Ques: Do you have any hidden desires?
Ans: The performing arts and quiet place, very, very close to a body of water.
Georgia, who has a loving personality and can easily fit into any situation, is a free spirit and enjoys reading, watching documentaries, making scrapbooks and doing what almost all women are fond of, shopping.