Raheem Walters

The communities of Salt Spring and Retirement in St. James featured on the police’s radar on the weekend when the lawmen were summoned to two homicide scenes as murders continue to challenge the security forces.

The deceased have been identified as 23-year-old labourer, Raheem Walters of Meggie Top, Salt Spring, and 54-year-old Jean Jarrett, shopkeeper of Red Dirt, Retirement Phase 1.

Reports from the Montego Bay police reveal that on Sunday, about 10:15 a.m., residents of Meggie Top reported hearing explosions like gunshots being fired and summoned the police.

On the arrival of the police, Walters was seen slumped on the step of a dwelling house suffering from what appeared to be gunshot wounds to his upper body and head.

He was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

In the meantime, reports are that Jarrett was last seen by residents on Friday evening. However, on Monday morning about 9:45, her brother, who had made several calls to her cell phone, all of which went unanswered, became concerned and went to her house to inquire about her welfare.

The brother, on arrival at the premises, smelled a foul odour coming from the house. He entered and there he discovered her lifeless body.

He called the police who saw Miss Jarrett’s decomposing body lying on the side with hands and feet bound with duct tape and electrical cord.

The body was later removed to the morgue.