Barrington Shaw

The gruesome tale of a son chopping his father to death continues to traumatize the Shaw family at Mt. Carey in St. James.

The younger Shaw is being held in police custody in connection with the killing.

The deceased is 68-year-old Barrington Shaw of Mt. Carey, who was employed to Montego Bay Metro Company as a bus driver and was the father of ten children.

The police report that about 8:30 a.m. on Friday, Shaw, who was also a farmer, went to Carey Village to tend to his animals, when he saw his son and confronted him about cutting the throat of one of his cows last week.

An altercation ensued and the younger Shaw is reported to have used a machete to inflict several chop wounds to the neck and upper body of his father.

Residents who came to Shaw’s, rescue rushed with him to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where he later died.

Shaw’s widow Girlette, with whom he had been married for 43 years, struggled to communicate as she was still to come to grips with the pain of losing her life partner.

“Oh my God, he was a wonderful husband, a family man; my friend, the chief breadwinner. He was a hard worker and now he is gone. The children, some of them had to go to the doctor to cope. Some of them are not eating. This is upsetting everyone and I am trying to keep strong.”

She said Shaw was a Christian man who attended the Mount Carey Baptist Church, while she and the children attended the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

“He was a very good man; he loved his family and was always so loving. I really miss him,” Mrs. Shaw bemoaned.