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Alleged ‘sister killer’ and company remanded

The four persons arrested in connection with the brutal murder of Tamara Geddes had their first day in court when they appeared in the Trelawny Parish Court on Wednesday.

Appearing in court promptly at 10 a.m. were Nadeen Geddes, sister of Tamara, her two daughters Shanice Ruddock and one too young to be named. A fourth woman, Tashana Young of a St James address, who was also implicated in the murder, was at the hearing. They were all remanded.

Attorney Ernie Smith, who is representing Geddes and her daughter Shanice, explained that they made a no bail application on Wednesday and in his own words “nothing happened”, as the file is in incomplete. The matter has been set for a new date of September 4.

He, however, urged caution with how information was being disseminated by the press and across social media. He pointed out that the presiding judge has in fact ordered that since a juvenile is involved, details of the case ought not to be shared by the media with the general public, which Mr. Smith deemed as the correct approach in dealing with this matter.

Miss Young is represented by attorney Charles Sinclair, while the minor is being represented by Marissa Dalrymple Philibert.

The accused arrived in a police convoy, where they were greeted by a throng of persons, including a number of residents from the community of Reserve, where the incident occurred. By the time the accused were ready to leave court, some in the crowd could be heard chanting words like “murderer”, “wicked gal” among other terms as they sought to express their feelings on the matter that has brought much anguish to persons in and around Trelawny.

One resident indicated that the women were wicked as they turned out for a candle lighting ceremony, even though they had orchestrated the act. Another accused them of starting rumours that Tamara was the reason for her own demise.

Residents are calling for blood and are expecting the court to dish out the harshest punishment at the conclusion of the trial.

Geddes was killed at her home on Friday, June 19, when a gunman invaded her home where was she was watching television with her ten-year-old daughter. He robbed them of valuables but reportedly killed her after she refused his request for sex.

Following investigations, the sister and the others were taken into custody and a confession given by one of the accused in relation to the murder. A fifth person, a male, who is now in custody, is being interrogated in relation to the incident. The police indicate that charges could be laid in short order. 

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