Anthony Thorpe

Noelita Lawrence-Ricketts

He is athletic, energetic, comes from a large female dominated family and has an ability to propel him to stardom. He is Anthony Thorpe.

A National youth representative, the 18-year-old Herbert Morrison Technical High (HMTHS) student is rated among the best in the West at his age in the sport of Basketball, but he has his eyes set on bigger and better things.

Thorpe, who was born on December 1, 2002 to parents Denise Clarke-Jarrett and Christopher Thorpe, has 11 siblings, 7 of whom are females.

The talented basketball player, also a solid academic achiever, told the Western Mirror that he aspires to one day travel the world playing the sport he loves (Basketball), giving back to his parents, coaches and basketball in Jamaica as an island-wide sport.

Soft-spoken off the court, but a determined and aggressive one on it, Thorpe, whose first game was at age 12, also says he wants to live the life he wants, doing things he enjoys as he bids to become an NBA player or a Europe Pro Basketballer.

Thorpe recognizes that he has come a long way, revealing to the Western Mirror that when he started out, he could barely dribble the ball to half court, struggled for confidence and was really shy. “Now, I’m doing stuff I never thought I would be able to, willingly putting in the work anytime just to reach where I want.”

Thorpe began his education at Learning Tree and later moved to DRB Grant, before spending six years at Howard Cooke Primary. From there, Thorpe attained a place at the Bogue-based ‘Compre’, where he’s currently a student.

The keen player is currently in preparation mode ahead of the Caribbean Examination Council exams (CXC). Thorpe is down to sit nine subjects including Principle of Business, Principles of Accounts, Information Technology, Economics, English, Geography and Mathematics.

Since being exposed to the fast-paced game, Thorpe, who has grown in his knowledge and application of the game under the guidance of revered coach, Dave Black, playing with his peers as well as with and against bigger opponents, is on the roster of the Montego Bay Boys’ and Girls’ Club, representing them in the Division One, before elevation to the Elite League.

Young Thorpe, who has eyes on representing the country at the international level, had his first stint in the black, green and gold back in 2019, when he represented the National Under-17 team at the Centro Basketball Championship in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Thorpe who was introduced to the sport of basketball in grade 7 by his Music teacher, revealed to the Western Mirror that his time spent away from school due to the COVID-19 was especially difficult as studying at home is not really ideal for him. “Home is somewhere you relax, rest and enjoy yourself. It’s not a place to constantly do schoolwork, so for me it’s hard to adapt. It’s just really hard setting your mind on school in a place where relaxing is the obvious thing.”

He also revealed that his body fitness has been maintained as they have been given workout schedules for three days out of a week.


QUES: What is your favourite food?

ANS: I love Shrimp Pasta

QUES: Your favourite colour?

ANS: I actually have a few – green, purple and blue

QUES: Do you have an all-time best movie?

ANS: ‘Coach Carter’, ‘Amateur’ and ‘White Boys Can’t Jump’

QUES: Is there a TV series you love to watch

ANS: The Good Doctor, Lucifer, The Office and Ricky and Morty

QUES: Is there a favourite subject you have in school

ANS: Yes! Economics. I like it as it gives me a basic idea of why and how the economy is and what it was before it was released into the world.

QUES: Who motivates you?

ANS: The hardworking lady who ensures I’m fed and sheltered every day, my mother. Also my coaches, Dave Black and Levar Rose, both of whom saw the potential  in what I could be instead of what I was at the time.

QUES: Do you have a best friend?

ANS: The late Dennis Dawes. We met in the same Grade 1 class and stayed together until Grade 10. He became a part of my family as we grew together. We even played on the same team for 3 years until he started feeling  a pain in his knee. He had cancer. He died on March 25 of this year,  I miss my brother so much. His death changed the way I look on life.

QUES: How tall are you?

ANS: 6’2”

QUES: What is your favorite quote?

ANS: “Everything negative, pressure, challenge- is an opportunity for me to rise.” – the late Kobe Bryant

QUES: Favourite Basketball team?

ANS: Golden State Warriors and my favorite players are Stephen Curry and Derrick Rose

QUES: Is there a sport other than Basketball that you watch?

ANS: I also watch UFC, Ultimate Fighting Championships. That’s because my friends Nathan Anderson and Benjamin Stanlet participate in the sport and its always fun talking to them about it and reacting to clips with them.

QUES: Who do you mostly talk to about Basketball?

ANS: Umar Dixon from York Castle

 QUES: Who is your favourite match official?

ANS: Dion Williams. When he is officiating, games are always good.

QUES: Is there a memorable match you’ve participated in?

ANS: Yes, the All-island National Championships back in 2018 at the age of just 15. We, ‘Compre’, went on to win. I was absolutely delighted.

QUES: Is there a venue you love to play in?

ANS: Our own court at the Herbert Morrison Technical High School because of the support from our peers and how much we are accustomed to the court

QUES: Do you have an app on your phone that you use more than any other?

ANS: Instagram