Sydele Malcolm, otherwise called 'Syble'
  • Attacker in hospital under police guard

Barrington Flemming – Staff Reporter

A woman who bravely attempted to foil a robbery attempt at her home at St. Lucia Avenue in Cornwall Court, Montego Bay, on Saturday, was shot and killed by the assailant, who was reportedly admitted in hospital under police guard nursing stab wounds sustained during the attack.

The victim has been identified as, 58-year-old Sydele Malcolm, otherwise called ‘Syble’.

Reports indicate that about 3:58, Malcolm and other family members were asleep in the house when they were awoken by strange sounds and went to investigate.

It was discovered that a group of armed men had broken into the house. Malcolm reportedly became engaged in a tussle with one of the robbers and inflicted several stab wounds to his body. 

The man, who was armed with a gun, retaliated by opening fire at Malcolm hitting her several times including in her head. 

She was subsequently taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

However, a short time later, a man suspected to be her attacker, turned up at hospital nursing several stab wounds.  He was subsequently placed under police guard.    

Meanwhile, this latest murder has triggered a call from residents of Cornwall Court to the authorities to erect a major security wall between Cornwall Court and the neighbouring Salt Spring community, as it has been purported that the men who attempted to rob Malcolm’s house were from that area.