Sheldon Hines
  • Second man killed in three days

Barrington Flemming – Staff Reporter

Fear now grips the community of Hopewell in Hanover as gunmen breached the State of Emergency, killing two men in three days forcing the Police High Command to up the ante in its continuous war on crime.

The latest homicide occurred on Wednesday night, leaving 29-year-old Sheldon Hinds, otherwise called ‘Breed’ of Rock Top in the community, dead.

The Lucea Police, who are investigating, report that about 9:05 p.m., Hinds was at a bar socializing with friends,following a candle light vigil along the roadway, which was done by friends of 28-year-old Damion Buchanan, otherwise called ‘Cheetos’, who was shot and killed in the Hopewell Square Sunday night, when he was approached by a lone man, reportedly wearing a hoodie, who opened fire hitting him several times.

Patrons at the bar and passers-by were sent scampering for cover as the gunman escaped on foot.

The police were called to the scene by residents and Hinds was subsequently taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Buchanan was killed in a similar fashion on Sunday whilst at the same bar, reportedly by a man wearing a hoodie.


Commanding officer of the Hanover Police, Superintendent Sharon Beeput, in response to the killings, said the Hopewell area was a trouble spot by way of murders last year and the security forces will not allow a repeat this year.

“Last year that space gave me the most murders in this division, and we cannot afford for it to happen this year,” she explained.

She said as a result, the police will not be permitting any event in Hopewell for a while and the bar, which has been the focal point for both murders, has been order closed (temporarily) by the police.

“We are now enforcing the lockdown policy more stringently so all persons must get off the streets, no gathering; everyone should disperse and go to their respective homes. In the meantime, we are carrying out some thorough investigations and are hoping to get the cooperation of the citizens.”

She said both murders were unfortunate, citing that while police officers were in the area on both occasions, they were rerouted to other areas to deal with urgent matters and it was after they left that the killings took place.

“We are suffering from a shortfall in numbers so this is what has affected us,” she disclosed.