Keneisha Kerr

A young woman is dead and her boyfriend battling for life in hospital following a drive-by shooting by men on motorcycle in Lances Bay, Hanover on Sunday.

Dead is 24-year-oldKeneisha Kerr of Lances Bay.

Reports are that the couple was at home when two men drove up on a motorcycle and opened gunfire at the two who were in their yard. The common law couple was shot multiple times all over their bodies.

The gunmen made good their escape.

The police were summoned and on arrival, the male was discovered suffering from gunshot wounds and the female shot to death inside the house. The wounded man was treated and admitted in serious condition, while the female was pronounced dead.

Sunday’s incident is one of several shootings to take place in Hanover since the start of the year and has left residents of the quiet seaside community fearing that this may be the start of things to come.

“We are afraid. We don’t know what is going to happen next. We need the police not only to come and patrol but to develop a relationship with residents of the community,” one elderly woman, who requested anonymity, told the Western Mirror. 

Another resident expressed sorrow at the fatal shooting of the young lady “she was such a quiet and pretty girl, she didn’t deserve to die like that.” He also was fearful that based on the rampage gunmen appear to be having across the parish no one is safe. “These guys move around with heavy weaponry, we need more security check points, I just know it won’t end like this,” the concerned resident said.

Mayor of Lucea, Sheridan Samuels, expressed condolences to the family and the community and stated that he hopes the rising gun violence will be quickly brought under control. – Craig Oates