Nigel ‘Kingman’ Marshall, who was gunned down in downtown Montego Bay on Monday night

Another resident of Salt Spring, St. James, has been gunned down as tensions escalate between rival factions operating in the community.

The latest killing follows hot on the heels of several murders and shootings in recent weeks, resulting in the police imposing a curfew in the area last week in a bid to quell growing hostilities.

Monday night’s killing of Nigel Marshall, otherwise called ‘Kingman’ of Buck Toe Lane, along King Street in Montego Bay, is said to be linked to the ongoing feud.

Highly placed police sources theorize that the killing could be in reprisal for the slaying of Matthew Whittingham of Buck Toe Lane, who was gunned down on Saturday, January 26, while having his hair groomed at a hair salon in Albion.

Days later, a man was shot and killed and another shot and wounded in Cottage, which is in close proximity to Buck Toe Lane. This incident was also said to be linked to the series of killings which prompted the security forces to impose the curfew.

Reports from the police are that Marshall was at a taxi stand at the intersection of King Street and Union Street in downtown Montego Bay, when he was called over by someone in a vehicle. He reportedly walked over to the motor vehicle, when several explosions were heard.

The police were alerted and when they arrived at the scene, Marshall was seen lying on his back with several gunshot wounds to the upper body, three of them to the head.

Rising tensions have pitted factions against each other in the community who are purportedly seeking to gain control of turf, which has again pushed the area into the police’s spotlight.