Ella Daley

 Noelita Lawrence
Staff Reporter

Between last Friday and Monday of this week, 12 lives were snuffed out in St. James.

Another nine persons were injured during the attacks which kept crime fighters extremely busy.

Crime scenes were recorded right across the parish including Market Street and the Transportation Centre in the heart of downtown, Montego Bay; Rough Road and Leonie Avenue in Glendevon; Tucker, Granville; Cambridge, Long Hill; Mud Valley and Blue Hole.

A popular restaurant operator, 52-year-old Leroy Salmon, also called ‘Second’ and his common law wife 48-year-old Ella Daley, a vendor, both of Blue Hole, Montpelier, were shot dead in their vehicle last Thursday.

Residents reportedly heard explosions and upon enquiry, found the couple in a white Noah mini-van, reportedly owned by Daley.

Later in the day, about 8:30 p.m., gunmen struck in Mud Valley, Granville, killing 30-year-oldKemoy Malcolm.

He was reportedly among five people playing cards when men alighted from a vehicle and opened fire. Malcolm was shot in the chest and died on the spot. The other four were taken to hospital where they were treated.

The weekend fared no better as between Friday and Monday, nine persons, including a teenager and an American national, were murdered.

Those killed have been identified as 30-year-old Brian Lewis, otherwise known as ‘Not Nice’, unemployed  of Pitfour; 23-year-old Oshane Reid; 27-year-old Cassell Todd, also known as  ‘Lance’, both of St. John’s; 15-year-old Jahiem Dussard, a student of Leonie Avenue, Glendevon; Aon Salmon of Ducketts, Cambridge; 29-year-old Ryan Wilson of Queen’s Street Sav-La-Mar; 52-year-old Dorothy Brown, also known as ‘Chubby’ and 26-year-old Desiree Hyacinth Gibbon, unemployed of Queens, New York and an unidentified man.

The double murder in St. John’s occurred about 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night, when Reid and Todd were shot and another, said to be the shop owner, a 20-year-old, was shot and wounded.

It’s reported that the three were at a business establishment in their community, when a group of men, armed with high-powered weapons, pounced upon them and opened fire.

The three were hit and subsequently taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where Reid and Todd were pronounced dead, while the shop owner was admitted in a serious condition.

Police say no motive has been established for the deadly attack.

About 9 a.m., Lewis was standing in a section of the Transport Centre when he was pounced upon by armed thugs who opened fire, hitting him in the head and other parts of the upper body.

He was assisted to hospital where he was pronounced dead.


In the meantime, about 10:15 p.m. on Sunday (November 26), Dussard was shot dead at his home on Leonie Avenue.

Police reports are that the teen was at home with other family members when his mother heard strange sounds coming from outside. The mother made a check and saw masked men at her window. The door to her son’s room was then kicked in and the men entered and opened fire.

Dussard was reportedly shot seven times in the head. His body was found in his bed in a pool of blood.

As the rampage continued, four, including two women, one a teenager, were shot in Ducketts, Cambridge.

According to the information received, about 4:50 p.m., Aon Salmon was among a group which was attacked by unknown assailants.

The Police reportedly responded to explosions coming from the area and when they arrived, Salmon was found with several gunshot wounds to the upper body.

The others received shots to the wrist, leg and side and were taken to hospital where they were treated.

And, a man remains unidentified after being shot dead in New York Heights, Granville, also on Saturday.

Police say they responded to a barrage of explosions from the area and subsequently found the body of the man with wounds to the upper section.

Rough Road in Glendevon was the scene of another killing, leaving Wilson dead.

Reports are that he and his girlfriend were walking along the roadway in their community when they were attacked by unknown bandits and Wilson shot. The female escaped unhurt.

William Street in the heart of the city was also the scene of a shooting which left a 3-year-old unemployed man of Hendon, Norwood, wounded after he was shot in the neck.

Brown was along Market Street packing out her goods when she was heard screaming.  She later resumed her packing before collapsing to the ground.

She was rushed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where she died while being treated. Stab wounds were observed to her neck and right shoulder.


Meanwhile, the blood-soaked body of Gibbon was discovered in bushes on Saturday morning.

The Anchovy Police report that about 9:15 a.m., passersby stumbled on the body along the Long Hill main road with the throat slashed.

Unconfirmed reports are that the deceased arrived in Jamaica more than a month ago and was seeking employment in the island.

Photos of other victims

Kemoy Malcolm
Leroy Salmon